Chisco Transport FAQ

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Can I book a ticket online?

Yes you can. 

Can I change the travel date on my ticket after booking?

Can I cancel my bookings and get a refund on my ticket?

Will it cost a fee to change the travel date or time on my ticket?

Can I access your fares or updated fares?

Are your online fares the same as the fares paid at your terminals?

Customer Service

Is the customer service help lines available 24/7?

How can I compliment the service I have received?

Do you have any safety advice for customers?

Where can I channel my complaints for your services?

Do I get compensated when breakdowns occur?

Are my luggage secured in transit and in your terminals?


What is your service turnaround time per customer?

How often do your buses breakdown?

What is your breakdown response time like?

Can I travel with my baby in your buses?

Is baggage assistance provided?


As a gold card member can i get a discount on your hotel rates?

How many buses are available for charter at a time?

What happens if the weather is bad? Will the bus be running?

Do your buses have wi-fi?

Does your website save my personal details when i make a booking?

Product And Services 

What is the gold/ silver card membership all about?

How do I become a gold/ silver card holder?

Does the gold/ silver card membership apply for all fleet/routes?

As a student am I entitled to a discount on a ticket?

Are there discounts for infants, people with disability or the elderly? 

Wish you a Happy and Comfortable Journey

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