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Transportation/Integrated logistics is our flagship industry and business. With over 28 locations across the 36 states of the federation and state of the art passenger luxury and mini buses We remain one of the market leaders in the passenger transport sector. Our service focus is on passenger transit services which cut across Travel & Tours, Dedicated Bus Services across Nigeria and the West Coast of Africa (Ghana) as well as Branding/Advertising opportunities on its Terminals and passenger luxury Buses:

Chisco Executive

All First Buses (Morning)

A combination of Comfort, Safety and Timeliness delivered in class and style. It is our frontline bus services, fully air-conditioned with executive recline-able seats, adequate leg room, toilet, onboard refreshments etc.

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Chisco Blazer

15 Seaters

Blazer is our trademark bus service experience, delivered in a smart and classy mini bus design; fully air-conditioned with very comfortable seats and poised to take you wherever you need to go faster and with peace of mind.

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Chisco Classic

Night Travel

This specialize bus services is apt for peculiar customers. It closes your day in one city and opens it in another to give you a feel of the dynamic ambience of two cities in one great experience of fulfillment on wheels.

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West Coast Express

Togo, Ghana

Our exclusive immigration management processes takes you through the borders as seamlessly as possible. West Coast Express comes in tour specific buses, fully air-conditioned with executive recline-able seats, extra leg room, toilet etc.

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Vehicle Charter

We allow our customers/clients choose their fleet and if desired, customize it to fit. With our charter service, you could make our fleet yours for a defined period at very competitive rates. That makes it a specialized offer to meet and exceed peculiar travel/event needs and expectations of our customers. Our flexibility, safety excellence and reliability are some of our major service differentiator.

For your trip specification and entries, Click the button below to enable our sales team work with you on a suitable plan/quote.

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Bus Operating Lease

Every customer has specific transportation needs to satisfy peculiarities in their operating environments. Our BUS LEASE is tailored to deliver great customer experience using the right set of fleets to bring out the best in your operating environment. No matter what your fleet needs are, we guarantee 99.9% availability, first time and all the time.

Click the button below for your fleet specification/descriptions to enable our sales team work with you on a suitable quote for your plan.

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Chisco Travel & Tour

Developing/promoting tourism destinations requires travel. Without travel, tourism cannot thrive. Ours is designed and packaged to deliver that ambience where adventure meets nature’s creativity and man’s ingenuity to create fragrances of life and living out of the amazing abundance of nature’s scope. Discover the most amazing tourist destinations in Nigeria, Africa and the world.


Click the button below for a Tourist Destination of choice, Tour Planner and register for one to enable our sales team work with you on a suitable option and travel plan.

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Advertising Window

No matter how simple or complex your visual brand positioning focus may be, ours is tailored to put you in front of your desired customer/prospects, create your desired image, enhance your brand equity and increase your brand value through a diverse Bus branding windows like Rear Panel Placements, Seat Head Rest, Ticket branding, Terminal Branding etc.


Click the button below to enable our sales team work with you on a suitable plan/quote.

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We support large-scale product distribution and supply chain management across Nigeria and West Africa. Our fleet size and operational efficiency of over 36years positions us at the fore front of the transport/logistics industry as key brand and one of the most outstanding in sub-Saharan Africa. As a direct consequence of our qualitative customer service delivery, we have gained several recognition from most of our key clients including Nigeria breweries Plc. in commendation of our excellent performances. Today, we are the toast of notable top world brands for 3PL/4PL logistics support.



CHISCO (via CTN EXPRESS LTD) offers standardized products and services in courier/integrated logistics both locally and globally. Whether it is document, parcel or cargo, by Road or Air, Chisco provides several different types of services divided across basic groups like:



CHISCO provides top of the range grade of genuine Automotive Consumables and Replacement Parts from brands you trust and rely on to support effective and efficient fleet maintenance. Our operational and fleet maintenance efficiency history/experience has earned us a full proof understanding of the chemistry of machines and the place and benefits of genuine parts. Therefore, we stock only premium automotive consumables/auto parts that guarantees optimum fleet efficiency and durability at competitive pricing.

  • SAME DAY Pick up/Delivery

  • TIME DEFINITE Pick up/Delivery

  • DAY DEFINITE Pick up/Delivery




Chisco Energy offer Oil & Gas Services with primary focus on product development and distribution to keep every machine running seamlessly.


VILLA ANGELIA (Boutique) HOTELS and ANGEL PARK PLACE HOTEL (Lagos and Abuja respectively)

We offer hospitality services with comfort and care expressed in exquisite accommodating suites, cozy environs, event centres and management, continental and intercontinental cuisines served with detailed sense of taste and delight.

Wish you a Happy and Comfortable Journey

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